How to tell him I want to be dominated?

The other day I asked my boyfriend what he likes and what he's turned on by in bed. he seemed all awkward and didn't know how to answer. he then asked me what turns me on and i just said I like to be submissive. but the thing is, i don't just like being submissive, i like rough sex and i like to be controlled and dominated. but i don't really know how to tell him this since he seemed all awkward and shy when I wanted to talk about our sex life. he's not shy in bed, but when it comes to talking about sex he gets all red in the face. I'm not sure how to tell him what i really like, im also worried he might think it's weird and he might not be into it. how should i bring this up to him?
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i also wanted to add that i think he might secretly be into domination but is scared to tell me. there has been a few times during sex where he's done something like put his hands on my neck and hold me down or he grabs my wrists and holds them down while he's on top but when he did it, he seemed very hesitant and only did it for a minute or two. i tried making it obvious that i liked it but he still didn't seem to get the hint.
How to tell him I want to be dominated?
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