Girls, Would you rather?

Ok, This is a mostly aimed at girls question, hypothetical but I wonder about what other girls will answer.

Would you rather ___________ see (as in get a good look at), your Breasts or your Vagina?

1. A Random guy
2. Your Crush
3. Your Brother
4. Your New Boyfriend (you haven't been intimate with yet)
5. The Guy Crushing on you

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Actually, would you rather each one of these 1 - 5 see your vagina or your breasts? As in which part would you rather they saw?

My answers would be.
1. Random guy, vagina not much to see!
2. Crush, maybe a little boobie, might give him an idea
3. Brother, what a perv! Vagina roll hips back and he can't see much at all!!
4. Boyfriend, I'd guess a little breast.
5. Crushing guy, boobies, maybe a slip of the bikini top will give him something to work with
Girls, Would you rather?
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