Is it normal to feel disturbed in my situation?

I just got back from college.
I usually like sitting in the box that's right in the front cuz it's spacey. So I walked right ahead and waited. The box was sort of empty, 3 guys and me.
I sat in the corner seat with my bag beside me. There was a Mexican guy with a huge backpack in front of me in his seat.
I was listening to music and sipping tea while playing with my phone. Then I turned up and saw him stroking himself like literally. *His penis was out* I felt grossed out and right on the next stop, came out and moved to the other box.
When I came out on my stop, he came out too. And I know there's a bunch of Mexicans that just stand around where I live..
Im already home now and I feel so disturbed. And weirdly sort of mentally raped in a way. Also It's not my first time seeing a penis. I lost my virginity to my boyfriend of 3 years but I never really thought that I would have to see another one. I guess I could say that I'm a traditional type and seeing a penis is disturbing enough but a random guy stroking in front of me who happens to stroll around my house? I feel disturbed and threatened. How can I cope with it? Is the way I'm thinking wrong? Tell me any of your thoughts on this.
Is it normal to feel disturbed in my situation?
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