Is it normal for me to get angry when I see other couples?

Today me and this girl got into an argument and she called her boyfriend on me
her boyfriend was more chill about it because he knew she was in the wrong and we actually got along
and it pissed me off not the argument just the fact that they had eachother.

Im 16 and I've never even hugged a girl before because im kinda shy
in my life time I've only had about 3 girls that liked me and it didn't go any further than that

i used to be patient now im just desperate.
people say all the time your time will come you just have to wait well im tired of waiting..
poeple younger than me are having kids and i dont even get a hug?

everytime i talk to someone on here or in general
they see me as a fuckboy and tell me to piss off?
you know what its like to be attracted to someone, talking to them and they tell you
"piss off" and block you?

its happened to me at least 4 times
one girl told me she hopes i die in a ditch
another one told me to kill myself
constantly told to go suck a penis
cursed at

and these are all by girls i was nice to/ showed interest in
imagine your crush saying these things to you
girls constantly get their boyfriends on me
at least once a week i get some boyfriend coming at me yelling trying to fight because i was talking to the girl and im tired of it..
its normal to feel that way
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its not normal stop being a baby
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Is it normal for me to get angry when I see other couples?
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