The "bunny ranch" brothle; what my boyfriend just told me. Please read?

My boyfriend tells me things about his guy friends. Like his one friend havingtwo kids that are the same age.. But this story got me nervous... So My boyfriend works with this guy who seemed to be a faithful man. His wife is a teacher and they struggled to have there first kid cus of infertility. Been together for over 10 years, today we go out to dinner and he says "babe, Ricky is going to Las Vegas for the baseball tournament and he booked something at the bunny Ranch" . ( for those who don't no it's a brothle where there is a line up of girls ready for u to pick and have sex with) I said that's crazy baby!! He said " yea, I no, all that money for some pussy smh. the whole team is going , they said 'what happened in Vegas stays in Vegas'" ( my boyfriend is not going and I always try to get him to go to strip clubs and he always says it's a waist of money.
i am now so terrified. I thought this was one of his loyal friends who didn't cheat on his wife!!! I don't no him well but man I'm just scared. Seems like everyone cheats these days. Now I'm a little worried it's like u can't trust any one. Sheesh. How do I no my man will b faithful on a vacation alone? :/ I'm scared that I'll b her , cus guess what , his wife will never no he fuckt a prostitute smh.
The "bunny ranch" brothle; what my boyfriend just told me. Please read?
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