Can, or does a man ever forgive an abortion? Even If you have another child?

My ex boyfriend and I have a 10 month old son and he's gorgeous, and we both adore him.
However, a year before I was pregnant with him, I was pregnant for the first time, and we couldn't keep that baby. Not for medical reasons, it was just that our circumstances were just all over the place and I was too scared. I was just about to go on my gap year, and my partner didn't have a proper job.
Neither of us were ready.
My parner did want that baby, but he only wanted it because he didn't have anything else in his life to focus on at that time, and it wouldn't have been fair to let either of us be that selfish.

I don't regret having that abortion. I never have. It was more of a relief than anything else... but I do regret how I made my partner feel.
Our relationsip went through a very dark time after that. My parnter got very depressed. He was depressed before what happened happened, but it was just one thing after another for a while.

When I got pregnant with my son, things were getting better and just seemed right.
Our realtionship did break up just after our son was born, but I think that was inevitable anyway.
Too many things had happened, and we needed a break.
For me, it is only a break I still want us to get back together one day hopefully soon, but I sometimes get the feeling that he blames me for me for so much and I do still wonder if what happened with the baby we didn't have is still part of it.
Can, or does a man ever forgive an abortion? Even If you have another child?
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