My boyfriends father found our condoms. What do I do?

So both me and my boyfriend are 17 and graduating highschool in 3 months or so. He told me just today that his father had found our condoms in his drawrer but has not said a word. We have been dating for about 6 months now and only 3 months in did we have sex. We don't do it often too (maybe once or twice a month and thus only have 4 or so condoms).

Anyways, I'm super embaressed and feel I can never see his parents again. They aren't religious or anything. It's just that his father said nothing. They saw me as such an innocent girl and I'm so scared they will never look at me the same way again.

I even planned to go to Korea with him and stay at his relatives house. I feel like they will disown me if everyone knows what we did together.
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Its gotten worse; my boyfriend and I had planned to go on a trip together in the summer as a farewell for both of us. I have been saving up money for months. His father is against it to the max and won't let me stay with the relatives. I feel as if I have ruined this relationship.

and fyi he's Asian therefore he doesn't believe in sex before marriage so I screwed up so all of you who are saying "he's proud" no, he isn't.
My boyfriends father found our condoms. What do I do?
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