How to get over being used?

I'm 21 and around a few weeks ago, I started talking to this guy who was really nice and sweet online. He would compliment me on my appearance calling me 'hot' and always be polite like asking about my day etc. I was really happy because a month before, I had just broken things off w my now ex boyfriend and it felt good to talk to other people who made me feel happy. About 1 week later, we decided to meet up and when we did, me being naive, thought we were just going to chill but after he kept insisting that he wanted to do more, me being reluctant and hesitant, I ended up losing my virginity to this guy. Stupid I know, but from that day on, he has only texted me once to ask about how I was and that was it. He stopped talking to me completely and ignores me. I haven't tried to reach out to him because I have wanted to keep whatever happened between us to ONLY stay between us. If word did get out, I would be in big trouble since I come from a very religious family were sex is basically prohibited until marriage. But every now and then when I see his name pop up on my social media feed, a sort of sadness washes through me. Is it normal to feel sad? Looking back at the situation now, I realised that I was used for my body and I wish I could take it back but I can't. How do I get over being used? Sometimes my thoughts lead to things I dont wan't to think about like 'Is he talking to other girls now?' 'Is he doing the same thing he did to me w another girl rn?' I also cannot stop crying and I know it sounds pathetic but it was my first time and somehow I feel like he had just taken a part of me that I know I can never take back. Please help, how do I get over being used?
How to get over being used?
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