Is my size down south too small to keep the love of my life?

So I've been talking to a girl for 10 months and we are in love - big time. Everything about her is perfect. I'm crazy for her and she's crazy for me. We would both like to spend the rest of our lives together.

At the moment, I'm a little insecure about my size down south. We are both virgins and we will only have sex once she is ready (in a year or two). When erect, I am 5". I'm worried that once she sees me, she will no longer like me and perhaps not want a future with me. She told me her sexual preferences. She likes to be dominated and also be gagged, is that possible with a mere 5"? Can I even please her with such a lousy thing? Is it likely she will later down the road get frustrated and leave? What if she starts resenting me for my size and seeks someone with a bigger penis? She is fiercely loyal and has only ever kissed one guy before. She has mentioned once or twice, though jokingly, that she likes "black dick".

I once decided to prank her by telling her I'm sending her a nude and sent a picture of a micropenis. Though sceptical as to whether that was actually me, she took it well I guess and said "If that's your penis, then I love it." And "it's more than enough". She might have said that to comfort me.

I'm so terribly in love with her and I feel that my size could end something great. She loves me and is crazy for me, as I am for her. There is undoubtedly a chemistry between us.

Females tell me I'm good looking and she does find me attractive. But what if she doesn't after she sees my grievously inadequate package?

I'm losing my mind here and I just don't want it to end. We both are adamant on making it work and agreed whatever obstacle comes our way we'll work it out together.

Some women on the internet had to end it with their partners due to size. What if the same fate awaits me?

In desperate need of advice.

Thanks, H.

P. s, we're both 17.
Is my size down south too small to keep the love of my life?
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