Am I that weird?

Hi im bob, jhon bob, and you probably figured out that i have a standard name (100% real). Besides having a standard name, i have a big problem, im very weird and i dont know if im crazy or if im a psychopath (whatever that is). I really dont know how to explain but here i go:im 19, lost all my friends, no girlfriend, sucks at school, virgin and addicted with games. Sounds good so far, right? its not like i really want to be like this but i hate this world, i hate almost everything about it:the people, the way we live our lifes, the activities:people these days just go out to make selfies and talk on facebook to each other even if they are sitting on the same bench, but this is not the big deal. All the girls i know are the same:bitchy, money whores and the only thing they see on a man is the penis size, wallet and how hot they are. Then they get f*** then dumped and then they start crying and saying:why all the guys are the same? and im like next to them saying: really nigga? And this life:we get borned, we grow up, spend more than half going like this waking up-work-eating-sleeping-waking up-work and so on to work for our dear wife who is f*** other men while we are at work and feeling no remorse about it, and then we get old and... die. The big idea is that i dont understand life, i dont enjoy being in it, mostly because of the people and what media made of them...
I know that im a boring, depressed whinny loser that sucks c*** and i deserve my fate to live on streets alone and waiting to die due deshydratation or to starvation.
Ok now you can start swearing at me but its ok, im very used to it...
sorry for my bad english/grammar im from Romania and English is my second langague.

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This has nothing to do with sexual behavior, sorry my bad..
Am I that weird?
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