Breaking up with my girlfriend after she lost her virginity to me?

Before I get labeled negatively, let me explain the situation...

I'm a lesbian. My girlfriend and I have been together for six months. About 5 nights ago we had sex for the first time, and she was a virgin beforehand. It was beautiful and special, just as I hoped it would be. A few hours after that I found concerning text messages on her phone and confronted her. She admitted that she has been talking to 4 other girls during our relationship.

She broke down and told me that she has low self esteem and needed the attention of others to reassure her that she's beautiful and important. She promised me she learned from her mistakes. When she cried I felt bad for her and put the blame on myself. I was vulnerable and told her I still loved her, forgave her, and was willing to work past the problems. After I found out, we had sex again. At this point I figured everything would be okay and we would get through it.

Now after a few days of clearing my head I have realized that I need to breakup with her. Although I don't want to break up with her, she has betrayed me. I gave her many opportunities to come clean after an earlier incident where she also promised to change. She is just going to keep repeating the same actions.

Maybe as an attempt to keep me, she keeps reminding me multiple times a day about how much she loves me and that she lost her virginity to me. This makes me feel guilty. Sure I didn't know before we had sex, but I think it was wrong of me to have sex with her again afterwards without thinking things through more.

I want to end the relationship sooner than later and I plan on seeing her later today, but I can't help but feel guilty since I told her last night that I love her.

Is it okay to do a cold turkey breakup right away or do I need to slowly fade into a breakup?
Breaking up with my girlfriend after she lost her virginity to me?
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