How would you feel if this was your family life?

-goes to Vegas every weekend to drink, gamble and party
-does couples porn with your mom
-has a weird, open-minded attitude towards religion
-very open-minded swinger type

-pole dancer
-likes to go to clubs and be picked up by other men
-is really into yoga

family life
-you are raised nudist going frequently to nudist resorts
-you are encouraged to embrace your sexuality
-your parents are always there for you and want to spend time with you, any time you want to spend time with them.
-you have a never ending credit card
-you are constantly jetting off to foreign, exotic places all over the world with your parents
-you go to burning man every year as a family.
This would be an awesome lifestyle!
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I would need my parents to grow up
Vote B
Meh, as long as there is food in my belly I am all good.
Vote C
Not enough freedom, I would feel suffocated
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Other (explain)
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How would you feel if this was your family life?
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