Girls, How many is too many?

Women are blessed. Unlike men, they can have multiple orgasms. Sometimes with amazing ease. Some, supposedly, can be brought to orgasm WHILE orgasming.
Some girls with vibrators can get themselves off, and then keep going again, and then again, and then again...

So, a 4 part question:
1) have you ever had multiple orgasms?

2) how many have you had in a single session?

3) how many do you think (or if lucky enough, know) to be too many, where you HAVE to stop things and have a chance to recover?

4) what advice do you have, for guys who want to make their girls keep cumming and cumming, or for girls who want to experience this for themselves but have not been able to, whether masturbating or with a partner?
I've never orgasmed
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I've never tried past one
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I maybe could multiple, but I never worried about it, one is enough
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I can multiple!!!
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I can not only multiple orgasm, I have been made to orgasm while orgasming, one atop the other!
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I have been made to orgasm so many times in a row I blacked out!
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+1 y
I feel really bad for the two girls who voted A.
+1 y
Do updates count as bumps, or will my question be closed anyways seeing as it is two days old? I'd love more replies!
Girls, How many is too many?
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