Why are men so selfish in bed?


im a beautiful woman- not trying to sound conceited- im just hot- but hot more like let's say selena gomez? or some famous celebrity type. Im petite girl next door look but just hot. Maybe a victoria's secret model. My body oozes sexuality and sexual energy. I'm the kind of person who is or would be a sex symbol. Most guys I meet, have no desire at all to touch my body normally or kiss it or even go down on me. It's gotten realyl weird and frustrating. You see a hot girl and think, ok wouldn't a guy want to grab her body and do things to it? isn't that normal? The guys I meet do the opposite- some flat out refuse to go down on me. Not b/c of me but because it seems they have this hatred for beautiful women, and just want to 'take from a woman' and give nothing to her.

I find this so baffling- im not a lesbian but if i see a really hot girl, even I have a desire to grab her body and touch her. I find it insane these men encounter me, and my body and not want to do this to me. Instead they want to do a few things 1. beat up my pussy or put me in pain with their fingers
2. Barely touch me, almost want to take my energy 3. just try to use me or stick their dick inside, which never happens b/c they never please me right. basically- they want to use me or get something from me and ditch me

as a hot woman, should I be more arrogant and assertive, and say well you know what- If you don't go down on me and give me at least an orgasm or two, you can't go further? It seems men assert what they want but try to act as if I shouldn't get what i want. I've had guys go down on me- one really ugly fat guy and then try to make me feel guilty for not going down on them... is it not a pleasure for a guy to give a girl oral or even touch her pussy pleasing her without saying "do something to be now."

Im just wondering as a super hot woman, should I turn into an arrogant demanding b*tch rather than be this nice kind of scared confused unsatisfied female sexually
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ok 20 years ago, or in general its more of a pleasure thing for a guy to 'get to' go down on a girl. its not about pleasing the girl its the sexual act itself. These days its "well i went down on u, now you do me".. its not even a reciprocal thing. It's jerks acting like assholes. if i went down on a guy, i wouldn't say, well NOW YOU DO ME. guys these days are messed up freaks its just the sad reality. They are more fucked up than u can imagine, many of them
Why are men so selfish in bed?
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