Why do SOME girls tend to be easily creeped out by a guys behavior?

Ok if a girl does something weird or clumsy or out of the norm most guys don't make it a big deal and sometimes we might even like it, we might find it quircky and silly and sweet.

If a guy gets nervous and says the wrong thing, does the wrong thing, approached you maybe in a way outside the norm, girls are very easy to dismiss him as a creep or weirdo.

there's so much pressure on us to say the right thing, to know the exact combination of things and to play it smooth,

And to some extend some girls are also bias on looks, like if a hot guy flirts with you, its just flirting but if a ugly guy does it, its creepy

I hate this planet and humans and i actually tried to force myself to be gay for a while because of how frusturating I got with women but that didn't work out because my ass is off limits and I got scared of this guys gorilla mushroom tip and didn't want him to explode his baby batter inside my prune tunnel, and I found his anal sauce gross either way.

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Ok but confidense still plays a part on this, girls dont need to be confident either, guys are pretty understandable but some girls treat us based on our confidense thats not fair
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But what I have a problem with is there's a double standard for men and women when it comes to this. Women don't really have to learn much and are able to make mistakes or act weird without consequences, its very easy for a man to screw up and be labeled as creepy
Why do SOME girls tend to be easily creeped out by a guys behavior?
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