What does switch mean?

I stumbled across that kink question that anonymous girl posted a while ago and I decided to take it. I sent it to my boyfriend and he took it as well.

I know it's not a professional or expert test or whatever, but I have some questions.

My boyfriend and I are not yet sexually active. We've been together for a little while and are talking about taking that step.

In any case... our top six results (that's what the orignial asker asked us to look at) weren't in the same order but were mostly the same/opposte (submissive/dominate, rope bunny/rigger, brat/brat tamer, etc.)

And then we both got switch.

What does that mean? I assume that means that sometimes they're dominate and sometimes they're submissive? Whenever we make out, he always leads. He seems to like making out when I straddle him though. Is that maybe a way a guy is submissive? 'Cause the girl's on top?

I like taking charge in some stuff, and I initiate our makeout sessions and lead in some areas of our relationship. But I'm not sure how to be in charge in the bedroom. I can easily see myself initiating sex and starting out in charge but I can also see myself easily letting him take charge (after the initiation of the sex) and I am at a loss, when I think about it, as to how to maintain the lead after that lol

Not sure what I'd do?

And how is a guy submissive?

We're not quite at the point where we'll be having sex, but I'm thinking in the next month or so we'll get there. And I know our first time together is going to be figuring out the basics of how we are together but I'd kind of like to know how to play to his/our likes so it can be awesome down the line.

What are ways a girl can be dominate in bed?
What does switch mean?
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