My friends husband 50 made a pass at me?

i am 22 , he is 50. We are neighbors - we go to the same gym.

Tonight i I brought a friend over but she left early, we were talking about trainers at the gym, my friends husband goes "I would love to stretch you , but that would be weird if we stretched each other right cause we're neighbors"

then I was talking to his wife about my bdsm photo shoot cause I model - and he looked over and goes damn and gives me that look and licks his lips.

Then my friend called me so I excused my self came back in the room and it was him and I alone. He randomly just looks at me and goes "is that your boyfriend" I go what boy friend "do you have a boyfriend" I answered and go "I really have more important things to worry about , but it is pathetic I'm 22 and single " he just smirked

what is this? I feel weird being friends with my friend after her husband made these comments - am I over reacting?
My friends husband 50 made a pass at me?
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