Uh, oh, I don't understand hooking up?

now here's the deal: nice guy wanted to hook up two years ago. nice guy had a girlfriend, big "no no!".
2016, I start going to the same university that nice guy goes to. he's single now. I quite fancy him. big "yes yes!"
somehow we go to a gathering at a friend's house, we kiss, same old, same old.
AND HERE'S THE CATCH! I don't usually... like the guys I kiss? just not my thing, I guess. but god I liked him. he's nice and a good kisser and I really want to get to know him.
my friend somehow managed to send him a text using my phone, since I was complaining a lot about wanting to talk to him, they talked like she was me, he didn't really sound interested. our mutual friend said he just didn't want any commitment. I thought "hey that's cool, me neither, just want to snog him a little bit more"
sent him a snapchat couple of weeks later. he replied. and again, and again. they were never for him, specifically, but we talked anyway. we asked each other very intimate questions. I was pretty much screaming HEY DUDE SEX ME UP and he was doing the same tbh, talking about how he thought of me and stuff
at a party, I texted him "you up to it?" and he said "I am, what about you?"
he asked me if I was drunk, how cute. I told him that I quite liked him, but not in that serious way. he said the same.
and then nothing.
I'm not in the mood to start things again, I don't know if he's interestated in the sexual part of this thing or if he just wants nudes. I DON'T KNOW.
Uh, oh, I don't understand hooking up?
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