Should I just give up on women all together?

It seems that every time I try to set up a date with a girl, she either flakes out, or cancels at the last minute. So when I try to reschedule something else, she never answers her phone or returns her texts. When I have dated other girls, they'll just string me along because they're too afraid to tell me they don't like me and don't see me as boyfriend material, and they've given me false hope.

I was in love with a girl once, nearly 8 years ago. She broke up with me when I finaly told her she was my first and that I was still a virgin (at the time); she said she couldn't handle that kind of pressure and she wanted to move on with her career life.

I'm broke right now and I'm struggling to find decent work in my field of study. I'm working a part time job and I can barely afford rent and the cost of owning a car. I'm considering a career change, but I don't know what to do with my life now. Women don't like broke men.

I'm beginning to wonder if women are worth it anymore. It seems that it can be way too risky to get married and face a life-destroying, bank account emptying divorce if you're a male. Maybe it would be more cost effective to just resort to porn and the occasional escort.
Should I just give up on women all together?
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