Guys, help me understand you! Do you really not care what your wife/girlfriend looks like?

I was reading through the forums on Bodybuilding. com and some guy just asked if other guys prefer pale or tan skin. He showed two pictures at random. The pale example was a very thin girl with a very flat chest (I'm not being mean, I have a flat chest myself) and the tan example was a girl with obvious implants, a nice body as determined by social standards these days, and bleached hair.
Mall the guys got off track in regards to the actual skin tone question and there was about 4 pages of guys saying they would marry the pale girl and 'destroy' the tan girl along with mean comments about her, saying she looked dirty but 'would still bang'.
I've been around friends when they were talking about a girl and they would say they'd have sex with a girl, but wouldn't date her, a lot of guys say they love strippers and porn stars look, but would marry a girl that looked like that.
My own husband, when I ask him if o should change anything about my body, says to do what makes me happy. I ask him if I should gain weight because he's always checking out thick girls, and he says not to. It kind of leads me to believe that he doesn't really care what I look like and just thinks of me as a wife and doesn't see me as attractive. I look after my body. I go to the gym 6 days a week, but I'm sure he likes curvier girls because of his porn selections and such. So, if he likes curvy girls, why didn't he pick a curvy girl? Better yet, why doesn't he tell me to gain some weight when I ask him if he thinks I should change anything?
So guys, do you really not care too much about what your wife looks like? How do you view women that way? Why wouldn't you date a girl you were incredibly sexually attracted to?
Guys, help me understand you! Do you really not care what your wife/girlfriend looks like?
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