Guys, have you ever "lost" your erection?

So, have you ever lost your erection just before having sex/in the process of having sex?

Myself and a friend had sex for the first time yesterday, and the foreplay was amazing and he had an erection the entire time but when it came to actually having sex, he couldn't "stay up" for ong, and eventually gave up. He was incredibly embarrased and worried but I reassured him, and told him that I am not upset. Which I wasn't.
Now when we spoke about it afterwards, he said that before we got the the sex part, he was worried that he was going to cum too soon.

He told me that this has never happened to him before with anyone else.. I think he was anxious and nervous having sex with me and psyched himself out.. but I would appreciate hearing any similar stories..
Guys, have you ever "lost" your erection?
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