[STORY] Girls/Guys do you think I went too far by purposely walking in on him?

I was with my guy friend at the beach who I find quite attractive. At the end of the day we went to the unisex cabins to wash up. The cabin had a shower curtain across the centre of the room (I was on one side, he was on the other).

You could not see through the curtains, but you can see their silhouette somewhat clearly.
Anyway, he told me to wait outside of the cabin while he showered but since it was cold I convinced him to allow me to stay in the cabin on the other side of the curtain. I could tell he was a bit uncomfortable with getting naked with me in the same room even though I was supposed to have my back turned, since you could see still see his silhoutte despite being on the other side of the shower curtain.

Anyway he turned on the showers and I turned my head around with my body facing away from him to look a little bit. I could make out what he was doing behind the curtain. From his perspective it looked like I was looking away.
He then pulled off his swimshorts and I saw the silhoutte of his penis pop right out and that's when I started to stare...

I felt a bit daring at this point (as I've never seen a guy naked before) so after a few minutes of temptation I slid the curtain right open and I literally saw his entire frontal body including his private area.

He seemed really embarassed and wasn't happy with what I did. I told him it was only for a bit of fun. Do you think I went too far? His penis was quite attractive, so I don't see what he had to be insecure about.
[STORY] Girls/Guys do you think I went too far by purposely walking in on him?
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