Is it normal for an older Male virgin to be jealous of everyone who has had sex?

As an older male virgin is it normal to ;

1. See everyone who has had sex to believe that their life is more enriched than yours.
2. Start to think that anyone who has had sex to be lucky no matter what their circumstances. For example, even if they died tragically on the news (murder/terrorism/accident/disease etc). They often show the girlfriend of the guy mourning and it automatically makes you think that the guy was lucky to have had sex with her. ie you automatically consider how lucky he was to have had sex rather than the other great things he might have done or how unlucky he was to have tragically died.
3. To feel anger at rapists for not just the horrible crime they commited but the fact that they managed to have sex too while one suffers being a virgin.
4. To feel angry at every couple that goes by because of the thought of the couples experiencing sex espacially the guy enjoying it. You never end up feeling happy for any couple and start seeing all couples very negatively.
5. To feel jealous at all the women because one automatically thinks that they have all the power when it comes to sex and that all women are having sex.
6. You see everyone as always happy and fufilled because they have had sex and feel like an odd one out and an outcast from society. You end up feeling left out and angry.

I am just saying that does being an older male virgin cause sex obsession which also changes ones thought process which makes the above thoughts normal. ie you begin to look at everything in terms of sex including quality of ones own life and compare it to others.
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The question is not asking whether the thought process is right or not but whether it is normal for one who is in this position to think like this. Its is like a person who has been attacked before likely to start thinking that everyone is out to get them or a girl who has been raped likely to feel like all guys are rapists. Or even a guy who has been radicalised (race supremecy, religious supremecy etc) is likely to have a different thought process too.
Is it normal for an older Male virgin to be jealous of everyone who has had sex?
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