If a guy is really done with you... would be?

I've known this guy for 3 years. Two of them we starting dating and got pretty serious with each other. He told me he love me first, and eventually I lost my virginity to him. He flew out a couple of times when I had to work out of state. Recently we had a huge argument over him and a girl. He left a flirtatious comment on her picture that I didn't like. I lashed out he lashed out and harsh things were said on both ends. I week went pass and I reached out and he told me that i'm a little stressful sometimes because it's always something when he's around around female. I basically told him I have major trust issues after that I didn't speak to him in 2days. I reached out again and he ignored me so I asked was he ignoring me he never responded. I sent another saying "are we done" he replied saying if I keep acting this way it leaves me no choice. That was 3days ago and I have yet to hear from him. Should I just move on, or is he in his feelings, or is he really done? Would a guy tell you they're done when they're REALLY done? What should I do?
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We never really argue, I love him and I know my trust issues can effect my insecurities but I just don't want somebody falling in love with him for all the reasons why I love him. I'll be sad and heartbroken if he's really ready to move on but I wish he tell me that and not ignore me you know. He's 28 and I'm 25 so it's like we're grown so let's not play these ignoring games
If a guy is really done with you... would be?
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