My enemy and and my boyfriend's crush are trying to beark us appart?

laste year i dater this guy but cheated on me with he's ex "rosie" the enemy we broke up and she turnd into a school slut just last week she got into a fight with some girl cuz she stole her man too and got beat up so hard she recently find out the im dating another guy and today i was walking with my friends and they told me that yesterday he was hanging out with emily i dont know who's emily is i thought it was fine then went to my other friends and they said "wait your dating him thid you know he has a longtime crush over emily" still no big deal cuz he's shoose me then i talked to my bestfriend and she said " dont be mad but yesterday i saw him walking with EMILY and ROSIE" and then it hits me either rosie is trying to steal him or making emily to date him either way she's trying to break us appart i asked my friends for edvice and they said it his fault hangin out with them in the first place
my first question what should i do about rosie the lttle cunt is after me
my second question what should i do about soon to be ex boyfriend but i can't break up with himcuz she will win
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no hate comment dont be like you should focus on school i am focusing on school that why he hangout with them cuz i dont have time for him becaus of school tutor extra hours unlike them ditching school and no comment out of the context
My enemy and and my boyfriend's crush are trying to beark us appart?
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