The women my boyfriend chooses to look at are less attractive than I am - why?

This has always been a mystery for me. With no more details, I am objectively and professionally recognized as an above-average attractive woman. When I met my boyfriend (who, in my eyes, is the most attractive man on Earth) he told a common friend I was way out of his league and he couldn't believe his luck. As we got closer, he revealed to me the difficult past he had had with women. Surprisingly enough, they were ALL unattractive (he was the one out of their league though he never thinks that way of himself) and on top of it, his first experiences were of rejection. After a few rejections, he just settled for women who fell in love with him without him reciprocating. Both these ones and the ones who rejected him were ojectively unattractive. I am his first actual love.
Now, even with this apparently idealized view he has of me and my appearance (he tells me every day how beautiful I am, he makes me feel amazing), he still does quirky things sometimes. I caught him constantly looking at FB pictures of unattractive women he knew (some we both knew), sometimes he would even masturbate to that (I believe we have solved that problem together). It sometimes happens that random women (again, unattractive - or just women who have nothing special, at best) he meets in different situations catch his eye. Afterwards he comes home and looks them up on social media and slightly obsesses over them, looking at their pictures and of course, hiding it from me.
Can someone please explain to me why this might be happening? I have been tolerant with all these things because he knows they're not ok and claims he stopped most of them. But they bother me a lot.

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Please just take my word for it. This isn't meant to be a place where I struggle to prove that I'm attractive, but one where I get answers. Ain't nobody got time for that. Thanks.
The women my boyfriend chooses to look at are less attractive than I am - why?
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