Guys I fuckked up so badly, im crying please help?

ok so i haven't been in the right head space lately because i have had falling out with friends, someone i know tried to kill him self and i have body imange issues. so Saturday night this guy who is 18 popped up to me ( im 15) and at first i was like no stop talking to me then he called me and i answered it and we talked and he had a good vibe and we had a lot in common and all of his girlfriends that he had was super pretty ( thinking back now he could of been lieing) anyways one thing lead to the next and i snuck out of my house to meet him ( super stupid i know!! and im not the type of person who does these things) anyways i met him at a park and we walked for a bit and then i decieded to drink a shiit load of vodka and gin, he didn't bc he was already drunk. so i got super drunk and nek minute i was pantess in the water. he told me to come back and put some clothes which i did. ok now i dont really remember what happen next but i was on a table with his diick in me. i was so drunk i dont remember what it felt like, i just remeber it hurting a bit, so if i wasn't drunk it must of hurt a lot. ok so i came back to my aunties place and she lost it. she was so angry and she took me back to my grandads and told he me to leave. so i had no where to go and i was really sick and tired and still a bit drunk. i went all the way to some super dodgy town where there's meth and stuff. i came back to my grandads and i had to make him let me in the house and the police were called and now im in so much trouble with the police. they dont know that i had sexx with that guy. i honestly dont know what to do. im not usually like this, im the type of person who has morals and stuff. i am scared and i feel alone. please does anyone have any opinions on this or ideas on how to get me out of this?
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just found out that there is a high possibilty that i am pregnant
Guys I fuckked up so badly, im crying please help?
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