Do all guys check out hot girls online? Please help: in danger of being bunny boiler?

I'm in a relationship of over a year - long distance - but manage to see my boyfriend every second weekend. We also spend holidays and any time off together, we are pretty serious and planning moving in together etc. My boyfriend is a lot of fun and seems to utterly adore me. Here's the problem; SEEMS to. He always tells me how amazing I am and how I'm the most beautiful girl in the world. And whilst I'm lovely, I'm aware I'm not.
Anyway, my boyfriend's browsing history shows me he has been looking at pictures of other girls online - beautiful girls, like Rachel Riley in bikini etc. It's never anything seedy (I know he uses porn to masturbate sometimes which strangely doesn't other me). I discovered this early on into our relationship (he had been looking at this on my laptop, whilst he was visiting me! And left his details logged into my computer so it came up as I searched). I confronted him, and apologised for sounding psycho but explained that I just didn't undertand why he was looking at them. He said it was just him being a randy boy and more out of habit than anything, and he'd not do it again.
He visited last weekend, and again left himself logged in and a list of his seach history came up. I'm almost certain he'd never cheat on me but it does make me feel like his compliments to me are nonsense, of course I look nothing like the leggy blondes he is googling :-/
Do I just need to get over this? Are all/most men predisposed to actively look at other attractive women. I feel like I don't want to bring this up again, as I already mentioned my insecurites which caused a slight argument and have not changed his actions.
Any advice appreciated.
Am I just nuts? Waah!
Do all guys check out hot girls online? Please help: in danger of being bunny boiler?
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