Is this TOO nasty to say to a guy?

So, I like to say some nasty stuff. I'm not afraid to be explicit. What would you do if your girl said that after sex, she stood up and your cum was trickling out of her so she wiped it with her finger and licked it because she wanted to taste you?
I know my guy (we've been friends for years and just took it further a few months ago but it's still new and not serious) REALLY likes it but I also get the impression that he's never been with a woman who is so direct & comfortable with her sexuality (he's also in his mid-20s and 7 years younger than me).
I love that it turns him on but I also just love being able to be open with how much he turns ME on and what is going on in the sexual region of my brain. I just don't want to freak him out!
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1. As I said, I've said some pretty freaky shit because I'm a pretty freaky chick. He goes nuts, in a good way! This isn't coming out of left field. I did it and I wanted to either tell him about it while we are texting or whisper it into his ear while we're out (to get him ready for road-head on the way home) but I wanted to make sure that it didn't cross some imaginary "woah there" line!
Is this TOO nasty to say to a guy?
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