Do girls purposely do this in a club ?

When I was in a club tonight it was reasonably busy on the dancefloor, but not so busy at the bar. I went to the bar to get a drink and there was this girl to the left of me who was basically leaning on me even though she had room not to. Then she moved directly in front of me and her bum was properly pushing against my dick. I'm certain she knew that she was doing this but she didn't move to the side even know she could have easily done so. I just took it as though she was wanting to get served first but then when there was a space at the bar she let me go into that space, were I then got served. My question is, do girls ever behave like this intentionally in order to size the man up so to speak or is it just something that happens a lot but they don't really take any notice to it?
Do girls purposely do this in a club ?
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