Why won't people stop labeling me a misogynist?

whenever a girl tries to open up to me I usually dont think...

- Oh I'm getting lucky tonight!

- She's hot, I'm gonna make her mines!

what I'm really thinking about is...

- Why is she opening up to me and not just any other guys?

- Is she gonna send trouble my way?

- Does she have a boyfriend or did she just recently broke up with a psycho ex?

- Is she gonna go tell go to the authorities tomorrow and tell them that I raped her if I have sex with her tonight?

- Is she gonna send thugs after me?

but oh well every time I express these concern to my other male peers they either look down on me or label me as being too paranoid. they claim that as a man I should never see women as a threat because they dont packed the same amount of physical strength as me. but how exactly can people be so damn primitive minded? do men nowadays not realize that we are no longer in the caveman era and physical strength doesn't really give you any advantages in real life? unless if you maybe are an athlete and play sports.

I even try to vent this out on Reddit the other day and boy did it not help out. like the typical SJW that they are they all decided to gang up on me and bombard me with truckloads of downvotes and hateful speeches such as calling me a misogynist and whatever, resulting my post being taken down less than an hour later. these are examples of the things they've said to me...

why won't people stop labeling me a misogynist?

Why won't people stop labeling me a misogynist?

but oh well I seriously dont understand how is having responsibility for my safety by refusing not to see women as fragile creatures automatically makes me a misogynists? but if this is the case wouldn't this make women who worry about men raping them, sexually assaulting, or using them for sex misandrists?

I seriously dont understand why it is ok for women to worry about men being a threat to them but is a sin/crime/taboo if men do the same towards women
Why won't people stop labeling me a misogynist?
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