Guys, do you like plastic surgery on women?

I was on a date the other night, I met the guy online and he is a plastic surgeon. And he said he hates his job. When I asked why, he was saying the vanity is just sad. Most of what he does are boob jobs, vaginoplasty and cryosurgery (that's anal bleaching) . Appearently not only popular with porn stars. And he hates we live in a society were girls feel they need to do that. And actually if he sees a girl having that kind of work done he just think she's pathetic, because he never heard a guy say they liked or appricated any of that stuff. He said it's hard to find a girl in Las Vegas that has nothing done, which he hates as well.

Which tbh, I think is BS , I mean if guys don't like it, why are all the three he named so popular in industries that essentially sell women's bodies, or the image of women's bodies to men?
But ya I mean it'a valid question, guys, do you care for any of this stuff. Boob jobs or surgery to prettify you vagina and anus?

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Guys, do you like plastic surgery on women?
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