For guys and girls do you think it's important to ask someone if they want to have sex with you before having sex with them?

I've noticed whenever I'm about to hook up with a guy he'll never ask me if I'm okay with it even though I always ask the guy even if he seems like he's into it. Whenever I tell a guy I want him to stop if I think things are going too far it makes me feel really guilty but mostly because the guy will look at me like I've just killed his entire family. I just wish people were more respectful of others limits. The conversation about consent before having sex I feel is more worth it than the awkward conversation that can come after
You should ask no matter what every time just in case.
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You should ask but if they're already undressing and they seem into it that basically means they consent.
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You shouldn't have to ask they would tell you if they weren't comfortable.
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You've already gone so far that it would be pointless to ask.
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If you've asked and they've said yes but you can tell they seem uncertain or uncomfortable you stop no matter what point your at and you talk it out without judgement.
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You ask and they say yes but they seem uncomfortable. Since you've already gone so far you continue anyways.
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They say no and you stop but you try and persuade the other person/get upset that they said no.
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I think the polls so far are a good example that everyone has a different way of giving consent. Although a good amount of people believe undressing and being physically involved means yes, a good majority also believes asking first is what determines consent. Because so many people have so many definitions the best thing you should do is ask and remember that sex is a two a person thing, if one person is just laying there while another person is having sex with that person it's not consensual.
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I'm sorry if it's just so hard for you to ask because you think it kills the mood but suck it up. People had the same argument for condoms and look where that ended up. Especially if you both are drunk it's really important to see if you're on the same page the entire time and to not freak out if they do end up saying no. Blue balls is bull shit just jerk off when they leave I guarantee it will feel better than having sex with someone who doesn't want to have sex with you.
For guys and girls do you think it's important to ask someone if they want to have sex with you before having sex with them?
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