Any guys ever been to a REAL live CFNM event?

Has anyone ever been to (participated) a real life CFNM event? What was it like? The more details the better. Did they have games/contests? I'm considering going to one but i've never been before and have heard/seen these on the internet but I wonder how much of what I've seen or heard actually happens? Some of it I'm into but some of it I'm not at all into so I'm a little worried about going. If something happens that I don't like I'll just want to leave and regret going. The one I'm considering going to has a ribbon system I guess for what I'm willing to do but it's kind of vague the descriptions. Example one is "interactive play", what exactly does that mean or include? I guess it depends on where it is, maybe each is different depending where you live and where it's held? I'm really interested in the guys view point but if any ladies have been to one and can share their experience please do.
Any guys ever been to a REAL live CFNM event?
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