Where all true men have gone?

Why noone initiates anymore? I'm afraid i'll be forever alone. I'm not trying to brag, but i'm a fairly attractive girl not like a 10 and all, just nothing below 9.5. i have like DD cups and a brazilian ass and like a great personality but no boy approaches me. sniff sniff. all my friends have a boyfriend and i feel left out. i want someone to stroke my ego... ehm show me some real love.

So can you answer that to me? Where did all true men go? Just a bunch of beta, poor, small penis, creepy aka below 8 guys approach me and i feel very depressed. Where did all true nice guys go? I look in my friendzone and they aren't there.

Any advice for a poor struggling girl thats going through her own odyssey in the 21st century... ?
Where all true men have gone?
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