Guys, would you date me (Also rate me /10) ?

(I'm a bit nervous. . I've never done this before)

Yeah, so I'm around 5'4 in height and uh. . . one of the D sizes like a 20 or something, maybe more then that (I've never been measured properly) Also I'm slim build. I supose I want a guy who's around 7ft something maybe a bit taller then that (yeah, I'm one of those girls who don't post a pic but still ask for a rate)

The idea is that you go and work while I stay home and watch anime, I'm a indoor girl

I like anime and well feminine things (otaku girl). . . like fasion and all that

I may not be the best girl around but I'll make up for it with this dance

Does anyone want to mate with me? Pretend I'm the black haired girl in the vid ^

Also no slut shaming on this question, if you do it I'll go on a slut walk. . . I mean it. Or maybe I'll just get pussy riot on you. and those other ones (whatever they're called)

also if you just want to talk about anime on this question I'm up for it, where's fravulent at? (Or whatever the name is)

Somehow I don't feel as sexy with my username changed back but I'll still try ! (admin why did you punish me?)
Guys, would you date me (Also rate me /10) ?
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