A twin brother mistake in the bed goes terribly wrong. What do I do now?

Last night when I got to my boyfriends house I made a terrible mistake with his twin brother. I don't think it was technically all my fault but it was a complete accident.

I did not know my boyfriends brother was at the house, they are identical twins and I've been around them long enough to tell them apart fairly well, except when it is pitch dark. I was having a girls night out and didn't get to his house until 2 AM. When I got there I went into his room and could hear, what I thought was him, snoring. The lights were off and it was completely dark in his room, I took "ALL" of my clothes off and quietly climbed in bed with him. I was a little bit tipsy and horny and I could smell he had been drinking too. I rolled over on him and put my boobs on his face and put my hand down the front of his boxers attempting to wake him up. Well I did, and all I heard was him say "what the fuck". I reached up and turn the lamp on and realized it wasn't my boyfriend at all, it was his brother.

Both of us freaked out and I jumped out of bed. I asked him, why are you in here? He said that he and TJ ( my BF) were drinking and he came in here and passed out. He said TJ was passed out in the lawn chair by the pool.

I immediately got dressed and went outside and woke TJ up. I told him right then everything that happened and he got so pissed that he told me to leave. I tried to explain to him it was an accident but I don't know if it was just because he was drunk or what but he was super mad and he has not returned my phone call all day. I'm really upset and embarrassed at the same time and I don't know why he won't talk to me. We are both adults and should be able to talk about this.

Do you think this is all my fault for trying to do something sexy for him?
Do you think I should just go over there and talk to him?
A twin brother mistake in the bed goes terribly wrong. What do I do now?
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