Guys, Do I have chances of being with him?

I met this guy on a dating app , and I found out he "wasn't" the guy on the pic. , I found the actual guy from the pic. And talked to him instead I explained what had happened. So he told me to meet him the "real" him.
*btw I think he might be making all this up and be the same dude I don't know why*
Alright so we met up on February,14 yes I know Valentine's day -.- and he told me to talk about myself from the beginning. I told him and he just told me a bit about his life he didn't open up much.
Everything he told me was almost the same as the "other" guy had told me. So he said if I wanted to mess around that at the moment he doesn't have anyone and he just lives his life on his own that he does not hang out much with people only a certain amount that he trusts.
Intimately he is a sweetheart. The type of sex we have is passionate and he's very sweet. If we're fucking he would say a bit of dirty words but never calls me "bitch smd" or "I want to fuck you in the ass" he either says "baby". Lol when we're done though he lays down and I lay next to him and he just touches my hair and is quiet thinking or on the phone he either stares at me for a bit and kisses me but most of the time he's a bit quiet.
I don't know what to do I feel like I'm in love but I'm afraid to tell him how I feel for him. I also try to keep distance, he either texts me saying if I could come over. *when he does text me , even if I could see him I don't I either tell him an excuse and tell him I could some other day I don't go as soon as he texts me to come over*
But yea I don't know what to do , any advice pls be straight up.
Guys, Do I have chances of being with him?
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