If your boyfriend or girlfriend could swap gender for a day?

Imagine your significant other could swap gender for a day. Live as a guy. Live as a girl.
Assuming you considered yourself straight, and so sex was off the table, would you show them how to masturbate? Would you give them a hand with it? Would you watch them masturbate to orgasm? And do you think you'd like it?

Thinking about it, this could apply to gay couples too. One guy in the couple or one girl in the couple swapping. I think the only person who can't really answer are bi people, because I think it makes sense to assume they would still be interested after a gender swap.

MY ANSWER (because I can't submit an actual answer):

Despite having no interest in guys, or watching any guy beat off... I think that if my girlfriend became a guy for a day, and I knew it was still her, it would be sort of hot to watch "her" masturbate as a guy and experience a male orgasm. I don't think I'd touch anything, but I actually do think it would be fun to watch.

Why would males, in general, be a turn off to me, but seeing my girlfriend experience what is was like to be a male, just the idea, is kind of a turn on?
I would not watch. Same gender makes it gay
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I would watch. I know it's my S. O. in there, so seeing them experience it is hot
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I would actually lend a hand
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Knowing it was them in there, I might be willing to bite the bullet, and actually go for sex
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I am bi, so I would be interested, regardless.
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I would absolutely love comments, but voting in the poll is good to. Curious for more answers!
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Please, want to hear more!
If your boyfriend or girlfriend could swap gender for a day?
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