My wife cheated on me, can you help?

Before we could reach our 3 year mark of being together my wife had sex with a guy she knew from school while I was out of town working. She now has a lifelong STD from him. She first said that she was lonely and felt like I was leaving her (which I gave her no reason to think so), then switched to that she froze up then switched to him taking advantage of her. I asked her how long it was going on for and she said this was the first time and that she wasn't talking to him prior to this event. After talking to her best friend she revealed that my wife was talking to him a few weeks before this happened but my wife denies it. I don't trust my wife and I don't love her the way I used to. I barely feel anything for her. She has cut contact with the guy and has really tried proving to me how sorry she is and how she's going to be a better wife. I see her effort but it doesn't affect how I feel towards her. I don't want to be with her but the only reason I'm still there is for our 18 month old daughter but I'm so miserable and anxious around my wife and I don't know how much longer I can stand it. Please help.
My wife cheated on me, can you help?
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