What toys do guys like girls to use on them in bed?

My boyfriend has told me he would be open to using toys on each other in bed. I asked him what sort of thing he would like and he asked me to tell him what I'd want to use on him as it would be a turn on if I told him... Only I'm totally clueless! I only have experience of using toys on myself in private, and never with a guy.. My ex didn't like the feel of any vibrations on any part of him so I presumed vibrations weren't a good feeling for guys? What sort of toys would guys like a girl to use on them? And how? What's been your best experience of using toys as a couple? And also do things such as handcuffs etc count as toys? Thanks for any suggestions!
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Update: I'm not interested in guys telling me they don't like toys. As you can see from the question above, my boyfriend likes the toys and we're both open to be experimental and explore different things, and I love it! I am asking for opinions from people that do enjoy using toys!
my question still remains as put originally - if you're into using toys in the bedroom as a couple, then what toys do you like, and how would you use them?
What toys do guys like girls to use on them in bed?
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