Guys, Why do men get turned off if you are a Virgin?


So there were 2 guys that have a thing for me. We always threw a lot of sex jokes and take about what would be expected if we every did have sex.

However, when they found out that I was a virgin:

Guy 1# said that he was sorry but he doesn't think he could have sex with me because I was a virgin.

Guy 2# said he wouldve had sex with me if I wasn't a virgin. He said its not nice for a guy to deflower a virgin but he was open to blow jobs.

But really, they both have said that I have a great personality and looks but they won't have sex because of this one issue?

Why is it soo hard for a guy to do? Do you think its really because of my virginity or something else?
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He texted me the spider and waving hand emoji this morn. I texted him @Berethor Womanizer video and he said that its harrassment and that he is done with me and he will call the police. I blocked him but thanks for all your help. @ConsultantIsBack,@Berethor, @SüßeJäger, @ksoma, @hellionthesage, @farscryer0, @dogbert444, @normalice, @Bandit74, @Decentguy and all the others, my hands are tired,... woo!
Guys, Why do men get turned off if you are a Virgin?
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