Why do guys like me when I'm fat?

I have hypothyroidism and unfortunately over the last year it's been out of control. It used to be stable and I wore a size 4. I always had big breasts a small waist and a large ass and hips. Big thighs also. Very curvy. But now due to issues with my disease and unbalanced hormones, I've gained 20 lbs and wear a size 8. My boobs and ass have gotten huge. My waist is still small and my stomach is still flat but my hips are bigger and so are my thighs. I also have a little extra in my face and arms unfortunately ugh.

i am dieting but with hypothyroidism it's hard. My doctor even said that I'll probably struggle with my weight until my levels get stable.

Anyhow i feel fat and it affects my confidence. But men keep hitting on me. Do they not think I'm fat? Do men like a girl who is a little chubby if she has a little waist with a huge ass and tits? I know men like that but I feel like I am chubby so wouldn't it bother them. I am pretty and blonde but still I see so much fat on myself. Maybe I'm just hating on myself too much. 20 lbs is a lot.
Why do guys like me when I'm fat?
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