Crushing on a teacher?

I'm in 7th grade and I never met this teacher until it was hippie week at school and I wore a flower headband/wreath and everytime I wore it he'd complement me. And now I talk to him everyday (nothing inappropriate) today I told him I said a kid was watching porn but it came out of nowhere then another kid yelled "HES WATCHING PORNHUB" but I tell him stories about the class I was in because before I started talking to him he heard I got kicked out of one of my classes withe 2 others so he'll check up on me to see how im doing and he asked me what my favorite candy was because he said if I was good he'd get it for me if I was good. But I've developed a crush on him then started having weird dreams, awkward right? But he's 50 and i'm 13 but I don't want to get him in trouble, he said I was awesome and nice because when he told me he was 50 I told him he really didn't look 50 probably 38, and yesterday he had thread on his shoulder, and he likes to read my shirts with random sayings on them. Is he just being nice?
Crushing on a teacher?
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