Is my boyfriend normal?

We started going out 5 years ago, we met in collage and he is my first real relationship. In the beginning there was lots of sex, we would do it when ever and where ever we felt we wanted. In the middle of cooking, when I was taking a bath, in the morning after we woke up, in the middle of the night while cuddling. We also did a little bit of foreplay but I wasn't that interested in it, and I only ever bothered out of courtesy if you know what I mean.

We eventually had a kid which killed out sex life, and we didn't have sex for about a year after. Since we have been having sex about once a month and only ever because we felt we had to. We tried a few things like bondage and webcaming but we never tried anything twice for one reason or another.

I'm now sick of it and I want to have normal sex again, I have been looking up videos on how to give hand jobs and blowjobs well, and things like that. But my other half is not interested in letting me try the things I have learnt.

He is very shy about his body, he was always like this but at lest in the beginning of the relationship he would get naked infront of me. Now he freaks out if I accidently walk in on him in the bath. I have asked many times if I could just try to give him a blowjob and he sais yes but never gives me a time to do it, and then sais I always ask at a bad time!

Sex is kind of the same, I will ask him and most of the time its... tomorrow.. or when we eventually do do it, its very bland and unimaginative. I try but he is embarrassed or shy or something.

He is getting better, as I am trying my best to bring the spark back but he is misunderstanding what I want. He gropes me a lot thinking I like it, he dose it in a sort of fun tickling way but there is nothing sexy about it for me.

I don't know what to do, is this normal for a guy?
Is my boyfriend normal?
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