So What is the Deal With Physical Contact?

This question is more directed toward girls, but anyone can answer. I've read countless times that one of the creepiest things to a woman is if a guy initiates physical contact with her while trying to flirt, like wrapping his arm around or hugging her without asking. Yet at the same time, I've heard so many women complain that they wish guys would be more aggressive and take the initiative. And in retrospect, it does seem like it is the guys who are bold and slap the girl's butt or kiss her that get the attention.

So what does this contradiction mean? Is unsolicited physical contact good or bad? I'm so sick and tired of women saying that something is "creepy" if an average guy does it but then saying that it is okay if a handsome guy does it. Frankly it seems like the only difference is whether or not the guy is attractive.
So What is the Deal With Physical Contact?
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