Have you ever found someone's p*rn?

When my cousin was about 14 and i was 13,
we found gay porn on her phone..
(shes my cousin but we live together as brother and sister)

She forgot to close it out i guess and my sister who was about 16 at that time found it on the phone
my cousin was embarrassed and sdenied it, but we all knew it was her.

She got mad and asked for my phone trying to see if there was porn on mine and i let her because i deleted it all of course, she got even angrier

She deleted it all off of her phone and went to sleep
about 2 days later i found her phone and got on it, i looked through her history just to mettle lol and not only was there gay porn there was teacher/student porn lol

i didn't say anything though, she put a lock on her phone some days after that

and a quick question,
why was she watching gay porn? thats kinda weird... i understand the teacher student one because there was a female.. but 2 guys?
Have you ever found someone's p*rn?
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