Will he call back?

So i went on a date this weekend with a man twice my age ( im 21 he is 45) To be honest I only wanted to go on this date so i could get a free meal out of it because im young and why not. Im not looking for any realtionship right now and also I've never thought about dating an older guy. The plans that we were go to dinner but I had to cancel that because i had totally forgot about a dinner i had with a friend but i had told him that we could see a movie if he wanted that same night. He said yes so we meet up at the movie theater and honestly it was AWESOME. We were holding hands and we ended up kissing a few times. During the movie date I might of gotten a little horny because I thought he was extremely handsome in person than in photos and i felt like he was getting hard too because he kind of had to readjust his sitting position a few times. After the movie date he walked me to my car and kissed me. I got a text from him a few mins later asking me if i wanted to come over. I was realy into him so i said yes. The sex was awesome and he was a super sweet man who cared more about what I wanted than what he wanted. Its been a day since the day and im afraid that was the last time i will get to see him. I know its a bit too soon but I really really like him. I went in this date with a somewhat "materialistic" mindset and came out actully enjoying it. Im just worried that because we had sex on the first date he won't want to call me or hit me up for another one because he might just think that its all I want.
Will he call back?
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