The thought of cheating turns me on?

So I've been with my partner for almost a year and I love him to bits there isn't anyone else I want to be with. However recently I've been a lot more hornier and I keep having these thoughts were I'm f**ing other people both female and male? (Even though im straight) my boyfriend and I will on "do it" once a day or every so days and that's coming from where we would do it 6 times a day almost every day as we are both extremely sexual people. I've put it down to I get turned on by the thought of doing something I shouldn't do almost as if I'm being "naughty" I love the feeling that the idea of cheating gives me but I feel horrible because I don't like the idea of cheating on my boyfriend and I never in a million years would but I can't help but feel extremely turned on by it? So I guess my question is what are some sexual things I can do with my partner to give me that "naughty" feeling and risk taking excitement I get from the idea of cheating? (I'm only 18 so I feel like I shouldn't feel like this) any ideas to spice things up a lot because me and my partner have done pretty much everything? Any locations we should try? Maybe it's the feeling of I might get caught that's a turn on I have no idea? Helpppp
The thought of cheating turns me on?
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