One Night Stands and emotional attachments?

Alright, so last weekend I went out to a college house party. I became very acquainted with one of the owners of the house. Eventually we started talking about shots and decided to take some, so we went to his room and started having our own party. We took shots, smoked weed, had way more fun than we were having in the current party outside of his room. Our connection was amazing, i seriously never met another guy who I've vibed with so instantly and deeply. He definitely felt the same way because he kept repeating it to me! Eventually we ended up having sex but I was hairy down there, because i had purposely missed my wax appointment so that i would not have sex that weekend.. POINT IS: the next morning i texted him and we spoke for a little when i asked him to hang out again he never wrote back to me. WHY? was it my hairy pussy? even though we went rounds? this is my first time having a one night stand and I'm truly hurt. Why are guys like this? why make it seem like u wanted something more than sex WHEN U DIDNT?
One Night Stands and emotional attachments?
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